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Discrete moved to Github. Please see our GitHub repository for the latest version.

Discrete is a Mathematica package providing tools for model building with discrete symmetries. Its main features are

  • the calculation of arbitrary Kronecker products;
  • an interface to the group catalogues within GAP, e.g. the SmallGroups library with all discrete groups up to order 2000 (with the exception of groups of order 1024) and many more;
  • calculation of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients (They are calculated on demand and are stored internally, in order to improve the performance);
  • the possibility to reduce covariants to a smaller set of independent covariants;
  • the documentation is integrated in the documentation centre of Mathematica.

The package is associated with 1111.1730 [hep-ph]. The supplementary Mathematica notebook to the article can be downloaded here (9 MB).

If you use Discrete in a scientific publication or talk, please give proper academic credit to us by citing our paper.

Please contact us, if you want to extend or modify Discrete and need access to our source repository.

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